Vendor & Project Inspection Services

Vendor & Project Inspection Services

Our Inspectors are stationed at key locations to visit vendor facilities and sites to oversee fabrication, manufacturing, assembly, inspection and tests; verify data, special processes (welding, coating, NDT, etc.); confirm personnel qualification, assess workmanship and provide cost effective service to clients.

Our Inspectors are available as per the client’s requirements for short term as well as long term assignments. Detailed reports in applicable formats are promptly generated and submitted to clients electronically.

The bulk of our Inspection activities involve inspection services provided for equipment, machinery, and manufactured items for various process industries. The services provided include inspections for the following:

  • Mechanical Equipment - Pressure Vessels; Heat Exchangers; Columns; Boilers; Tanks; Structural Steel; Fabricated Pipe; Valves; Fittings; Skids, Fiberglass Pipes, Tanks and Vessels; Towers; Castings; Forgings etc.
  • Static and Rotating Machinery Equipment - Pumps; Gears; Generators; Seals; Rotors; Compressors; Fans; Turbines; Engines; Motors etc.
  • Electrical and Instrumentation- Switchgears; Motor Control Centers; Transformers; Motors; Rectifiers; Control Panels; Current/Voltage regulators; UPS Systems; Cables; Alarm Systems; Various Process Control Systems etc.
  • Coatings - Witnessing/Surveillance inspections at coating facilities to ensure that all activities related to coating are carried out as per relevant specifications, drawings and manufacturers recommendations.

NDT Examination & Survey

The field of non-destructive testing (NDT) comprises a vast array of analytical techniques that are applicable to a wide range of industries. These techniques can identify and assess defects and examine the properties of all kinds of materials and structures without causing any damage. As NDT in no way alters the part or structure under inspection, it is an extremely useful technique that can lead to cost and time savings when applied to product evaluations, asset management and fault identification and repair.

Non Destructive Testing:

  • Radiography (X Ray & Gamma Ray)
  • Ultrasonic Manual Testing
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Penetrate Testing

NDT Specialist Services:

  • Crawler Radiography for pipeline inspection
  • Mechanized Ultrasonic Pipeline Inspection(Rotoscan)
  • Ultrasonic crack/ defect Detection
  • Storage Tanks, Beetle and Floor scanner
  • Creep damage detection
  • P-Scan application
  • Weld Inspection of Gas Spheres
  • Flash and Real-time Radiography

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